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Stained Glass

A selection of hand made stained glass panel work inspired by the work of other artists and designers working in other mediums.

Art Box Still

Video Art

The 'Art Box' project, technically termed 'machinima', being both a video technique and a genre defined by the use of those techniques.

Cesare Print - Detail

Painting & Print

Various examples and techniques, including silk-screen and inks, stencils and spray cans, and an eclectic choice of subjects.


"The potential of Art Box to impact positively upon knowledge, creativity, and creative collaboration is unlimited."

Elizabeth Broun
The Smithsonian Museum of American Art.

Art Box Show Invite

Art Box

The virtual was made real when I converted a nightclub into a pop-up cinema for this South East London Arts Festival, showing elements of Art Box on film. Further details are available here.

Five Birds Painting


A series of works were selected for public showing at London's Limelight Gallery as part of their summer exhibition. The image seen here, 'Five Birds', is a multi-layered silk screen print.

Greyhound Mural


A proposal for a large scale mural describing the history of the site. On public view it won the popular vote. It was also modeled in 3D and animated to give a sense of place to the design.


Some of my work is available for purchase. Print orders are fulfilled by Saatchi Art services. Unless otherwise stated, fine art gicleés are printed on 310 GSM bleach free archival quality paper made from 100% cotton linters. Purchase is via the Saatchi site using the links below.

Straylight 1

Straylight 1

An examination of the dystopian future cityscape, with it's broken weather, technology and society.

Straylight 2

Straylight 2

We follow a lone woman on her perilous journey through a rainsoaked night in the metropolis.

American Roulette

Into the Breech

For good men who would do nothing, a warning shot in the form of a poem in the form of a gun.

Bunny Girl

Bunny Girl

After Helmut Newton, the glamour and decadence here re-imagined with complete simplicity.

Flying Machine

Flying Machine

The renaissance genius' flying machine remains a powerfully charged form 500 years later.



The earliest (1920) horror film gives us Cesare, the prototype misunderstood figure of 'evil'.


The Meditation

The Geisha

A meditation on the nature of time, with ritualistic overtones, created in the style of magic realism.

Coming Soon

Under Construction

New work available here soon.

Work in progress

Frankie Rockett

I am an artist living in London and I work with a wide range of media including print, stained glass and video.
For some thirty plus years I have worked with new media, principally as a Designer, developing digital skills from video production to graphic design. In the mid 90’s I took up a post at the University of the Arts, London, as Senior Designer, where I worked for over a decade. After going freelance I started to play around with more traditional media, painting and drawing and also stained glass.

After much experimentation, exploring a range of media including stained glass, sculpture, video, stencil printing, digital, and hybrid mixes of these, to discover the power and limitations of each, I started to focus on a hybrid interactive art project called 'Art Box'. This evolved into a video art form known as 'machinima'. As a result of that I was fortunate enough to receive early recognition and received corporate commissions for my machinima work from several blue chip companies, including Microsoft, Intel, HBO and Reebok, amongst others.

More recently I have started to work again with paper and ink, often mixing stencil creations with digital techniques. In the last 18 months I have also explored A.I. tools, but avoid the instant ‘art’ approach in favour of using it to create unique elements to contribute to a larger image that are later digitally collaged into a final piece.
My work draws inspiration from film & photography, the human condition, and increasingly, politics.


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